About Xiane

It’s a me, Mario!

Christiane, Xiane, Chris Knight – I answer readily to all those names.
I’m the one responsible for all of this madness!

Interesting tidbits about me: I live for music, and have called myself “your band’s best friend” because I love to help out underground acts. I’ve been involved with promoting and DJing at Goth/Industrial clubs for a while – I started out working the back door at Charlottesville Virginia’s long-running club night The Dawning back in late 1999, to which the inevitable jokes ensued. I moved up to front door then took over running/promoting the club in 2001.

I also hosted a weekly Goth Rock radio show on FM radio, Subculture Shock on WNRN 91.9 FM. That opened up a lot of fun opportunities for me, like going to awesome live shows and meeting/interviewing some greats in the genre, like Peter Murphy and Ogre.

 I moved back home to Baltimore, MD in November 2004, where I currently live. In February 2005, I joined up with the delightful Aurora – AKA DJ Nekromantra – and we started up Cryptkicker, a weekly night at The Depot on Charles Street in Baltimore MD. Horror Rock, Psychobilly, and Old School Goth and Punk never had a creepier home! [RIP, Cryptie.]

Before I got into running club nights and DJing and promoting, I dabbled in the RockStar department, as the singer of the swirlygoth band The Violet Dawning. We played a lot of shows around C’ville, especially The Dawning..

My other projects include fiber arts at Three Ravens Studio, and writing – primarily Fantasy novels, short stories, flash fiction, and poetry, at https://www.christianeknight.com. I also recently published my first novel, In Sleep You Know, which you can learn more about at my writing page or http://insleepyouknow.com


  1. DontYouBurnThemGreens

    I love the word curvalicious! Glad i found your website. i should be sleeping but that went out the window about an hour ago. — Keep the faith! The blues will go away, and that tiny harping predator bird at the window that jumps on all the good times will eventually disappear. Keep on keepin’ on! The alternative sucks!

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