Darken My Day 04-28-21

HALLOWS - All That Is True Dies
Doors In The Labyrinth - Dead Stars
Mark E. Moon - The Eye [The Picture Fades]
The Amaranth - Noxious

NULL404 - Until Dawn [Modal Citizen Remix]
Chiasm  featuring John Fryer - Away
Ashes Fallen - We Belong Nowhere
Blindcopy - P&H [Radio Edit]

Cold Choir - Paper Flowers
Modal Citizen -  Resentor [Evil Reprise] 
Crying Vessel - The Abyss
Strange Boutique - Jet Stream

The Cult Sounds - The Seventh Seal
Dove Tribe - New Cold War # Premiere! #
IAMTHESHADOW - On Winter Leaves Embrace
Dread Risks - Vacancy Architect [ft. Bara Hari]

Stoneburner - Sellout [Original Mix]

Eva X - Black Blood [Dance_Destroy Mix]
Fact Pattern - Clinically Proven
GR^VE - Resign Your Fate [Edit]
MORIS BLAK - Crystalline [featuring Syzygyx]

GRANDEUR - Not Of Your Waking World
HEALTH - Black Static [Slighter Remix]
JHNN - Children Are The Future
LASHES - Armageddon Eyes

the Dramedy - Vow
Rudimentary Peni - Anthem For Doomed Youth
Gary Roberts and Community - IN MY VEIN
Modal Citizen - Morgan [The Taker]

newphasemusic - Go [featuring Jana Cushman]

Darken My Day is two hours of the newest & freshest goth, industrial, darkwave,  post-punk, dark electro, and whatever else deliciously dark I can find. You can catch this show weekly on Wednesdays and Saturdays. BIG thanks to the bands and labels who get this great music into my hands and your ears!

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