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Hello listeners! Thank you so much for hanging in there with us while we have worked through the first month of being a 24-7 streaming station, with all the ups & downs that entails. For the most part, it has been relatively easy and free from glitches – most slips that have happened have been user error, AKA Xiane is figuring all of this out as she goes!

That being said, if you notice ANYTHING weird or glitchy and you have a second, dropping me a line or comment to let me know would be much appreciated! I straightened out a couple of things today that I didn’t realize were happening until I caught them on the fly [if you heard a track with me talking from my latest Darken My Day show, that’s what I’m talking about, it escaped into the regular playlist!] – oops. Everything *should* be in working order now, but again, if you catch anything, I’d love to hear about it. Neither Rome nor RadioXi were built in a day.

In the news department – you may have noticed that we’ve got special shows now! There are three in rotation as of this blog post: Subculture Shock and Subculture Shock: Recharge, both hosted by DJ Pat 626; and Darken My Day, hosted by me. There are a few more in the works, but these are the groundbreakers, and they have special meaning to me. Both Subculture Shock and Darken My Day focus on new music that’s hitting the scene, and Subculture Shock: Recharge is a mix of classic tunes with newer music – more like how SubShock was when it was on WNRN FM.

I’m looking to add an ethereal/ambient show, and there will probably be a classic deathrock and related type show coming as well. I welcome suggestions of shows and/or DJs you’d like to hear on the station! Just comment below or drop me an email at xiane at xiane dot org. Also, tell a friend [or twelve] about us.

Can’t build this without you!

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