Darken My Day 05/05/21 with DJ Xiane

Vaselyne - Half-Cast
Painted Romans - Memento Mori [comes out on May 14th!] *
New Haunts - Blame
Shadow Fashion - One Black Rose

Alia Synesthesia - Stop Go
BARA HARI - Weapon
Death Loves Veronica - Burn
Suffer Ring - Cicada [SØLVE Remix] 

The Number H - Game
The Tunnel - Condemned
The Wake - Break Me Not [Blacksugar Mix] *
Vision Video - Inked In Red

Black Angel - Live To Love *
Collapse Of Dawn - Concealed [In The Shadows Mix]
DEAD LIGHTS - Industry
Delphine Coma - Dissolve
Caroline Blind - God Damn The Sun

Dove Tribe - If We Burn
Lights That Change - Fall Apart [releases May 7th] *
Minuit Machine - Basic Needs
Microwaved - Phantom Whisper [ft. Ivan Russia of BELLHEAD] [Steven Olaf Mix]

The Darkstar Calling  - All is lost, finished and forgotten
Dead Cool - Nothing But Us
Vacant Windows  - Dying For You [comes out on May 28th!] *
MATTE BLVCK - Pure [The New Division Remix]

Mechanical Vein - Ghost Town
Suicide Queen - Scarecrow
Pilgrims of Yearning - Haven

The Paper Road - Nyctophobia

Darken My Day with DJ Xiane brings you two hours of the newest & freshest goth, industrial, darkwave,  post-punk, dark electro, and whatever else deliciously dark I can find.

Sorry for the technical difficulties that made my announcement spots a little hard to hear, I’ll get that cleared up by next week! What’s a show without a technical difficulty or two, right?
There’s a couple of great new tracks here – you can find them by looking for the * next to the listing.
Darken My Day happens twice weekly! Wednesdays – Noon Eastern [5pm UK, 7pm Russia, Midnight Aus]
then a restream on Saturdays – 10pm Eastern [ Sun 3am UK, 5am Russia, 10am Aus]

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