Darken My Day 052621

Ashes Fallen - Stand Your Ground
Lisa Gerrard and Jules Maxwell - Noyalain [Burn] *
Vacant Windows - Dying For You
Bijou Noir - Drinking Your Words [Hedged Bets Mix] *

BARA HARI - Purified 
Dreams are Like Water - [Thrice] In Blood
Delphine Coma - Plastic Flowers
A Distant Shore - Girls *

CRUEL REFLECTIONS - The Sound Of Your Name
DEAD LIGHTS - The Future *
Gloom Wizard - Firelight *
GR^VE - Safe [Film Mix]

Hapax - Silvery Track 
Mark E Moon - Old Blood
Michael Haggerty - And There Was War *
Rudimentary Peni - The Old Lie *

Sword Tongue - Echoes
Painted Romans - Memento Mori
Second Still - Sleep
Sounds Like Winter - Send The Boy
AMMO - Total Recall *

The Cult Sounds - The Avalanche
KPT - HOUSE [Single Edit] *

NONE - Chaining Ethereal Comatose *
Thanks for tuning in to Darken My Day, bringing you the newest and tastiest goth, industrial, darkwave, post-punk, dark electro, and related genre tracks I can find! Brand new tracks have a * next to them. 
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