Gauze & Hum 052721

Tracklist for 05/27/21

ST∆ER - The Garden Of Forking Paths
AR Kane - Sado-Masochism Is A Must
Giacomelli - Thanks for Playing, Love, the Universe
Lisa Gerrard & Jules Maxwell - Orion [The Weary Huntsman]
Long The Night - Altered State Of Consciousness
NONE - Battlefields - The New Dark Gospel
BELLHEAD - Always [Emulsion Remix]
Black Tape For A Blue Girl - The Scavenger Bride
Colin Cameron Allrich - Untold [Side Two] - Ambient Take -
Elektra Monet - Us
L'Avenir - Dusk
Tubbs & Oats - KidFM ft. Evylup &Jenn Sjodin
Bel Canto - The Glassmaker
Clair Obscur - The Pilgrim's Progress [instru]
Cornelius - Star Fruits Surf Rider
Chrome - Critical Mass
In The Absence of Words - A Search for Silence

Ambient, drone, shoegaze, atmospheric tracks create aural soundscapes in this show hosted by Xiane. Look for new, classic, and underground tracks.

Thursdays – Midnight Eastern [5am UK, 7am Russia, Noon AWST]
Sundays – 10am Eastern [3pm UK, 5pm Russia, 10pm AWST]

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