Gauze & Hum 06/03/21

drone in the woods & Electro/Magnetic - First Glimpse Of Warmth
JHNN - The Warning 
Bradley Coomes - Secret Stars
Autumn Tears - Wordless Waltz
Tsunxmi - It's Endless
Cherimondis J  - The EverEnding
Nax - Celestial
City of Dawn & Corrupting Sea - Phantasmagoric
David Newlyn - Radiance
Doors In The Labyrinth - The Black Rabbit of Inlé V [In The Hills, The Cities]
mayfairgrin - last transmission from home
Polly Fae - Cicada People
Tyler Cantrell - Cloud Machines
SINthetik Messiah - Ambient Noize - AN 10
Departure Street - The Wind Sings Itself To Sleep
Yellow6 - End in Sight
John The Silent - Ascent

Ambient, drone, shoegaze, atmospheric tracks create aural soundscapes in this show hosted by Xiane. Look for new, classic, and underground tracks.

Thursdays – Midnight Eastern [5am UK, 7am Russia, Noon AWST]
Sundays – 10am Eastern [3pm UK, 5pm Russia, 10pm AWST]

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