Radio Xiane 020820 – first show!

I have been trying to get back “on air” in some form for a while now. It’s not easy to get the time, equipment, and bandwidth to do live shows or fully DJed ones yet, so for now I’m working through playlist mixes at Spotify. Eventually I’ll graduate to something like Mixcloud along with the Spotify sets. I like the availability of this for everyone. Let me know what you think!


I’m going to try for a show every other week. Let’s see how this goes!


Some notes about the show:

I designed this set to flow in a particular way, so you might lose that if you listen on the mobile app, as it shuffles the tracks. My intention was to show some of the newer acts against some classic tracks and how they all blend seamlessly. I also tried to pick some bands/tracks that might not be as familiar. I hope I was successful.

Track List:

Lights Out – Sonsombre
The Moon Looked Down And Laughed – Virgin Prunes
Heart & Feather – Twin Tribes
Deaf Pursuit – WINGTIPS
When I was Bed – Christian Death
Winter To Come – Ships In The Night
Ears To The Ground – Strange Boutique
Leonardo Da Vinci [7″ Version] – The Lucy Show
Beyond The Waves – Hante.
Loner – Stars And The Sea
Ionia – Lycia
Incubus Succubus II – Xmal Deutschland
Anxiety – Bleib Modern
My Way – The Wolfgang Press
Vicious Circle – Belgrado
Shallow Then Halo – Cocteau Twins
Whirl – Soft Kill
18 songs, 1hr 21min

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