Radio Xiane 032920

As always, I designed this set to flow in a particular way, so you might lose that if you listen on the mobile app, as it shuffles the tracks.

Look for show notes and a playlist below the player  ⇓

Some notes about the show:

Despite the fact that I’m generally a homebody these days, being forced to stay in is starting to get to me a bit, and I think it shows in the music choices this round.
I’ve got a new track from SPECTRES as well as some great stuff from Hapax [a new favorite for me], Monica Richards, Rosegarden Funeral Party, and more. I have some requests and I welcome more! Comment here or on Facebook or Twitter and I’ll do my best!

Track list:

Feed Me – Wire
Parallel Words – Hapax
Sleep – Houses of Heaven
Ill and Getting Worse – Rosegarden Funeral Party
Alone Together – Ritual Howls
At The End of The End of World – The Brickbats
Blackout Rift – This Cold Night
The First Dream – Box And The Twins
In Dreams – Ships In The Night
Fragile [Alpha Conspiracy mx] – Scribe Machine
Lurinlay – Monica Richards
Here Alone Again – This Ascension
Say It Isn’t So – Executive Slacks
Street of Dreams – The Damned
Twilight – Corpus Delicti
Times Of Our Lives – Sex Gang Children
Don’t Look Back – Virgin Prunes
Cornwall Stone – Dali’s Car
Carry Me Down – Modern English
By The River [featuring Ihsahn] – Me And That Man  [by request!]
Push The Sky Away – Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

22 Songs, 1hr 39 mins.

Any questions or requests? Please hit reply! Got music you want me to play [that fits in my style/genres]? Please comment!

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